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Madurai Kamaraj University College

Alagar Koil Road, Madurai - 2
A Constituent Unit of Madurai Kamaraj University (UGC 2(F), 12-B Since 1967)

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Madurai Kamaraj University College

Madurai Kamaraj University College – A Constituent Unit of Madurai Kamaraj University serves to the educational needs of studetns from madurai city and from the nearby villages who hail from economically and socially weeker sections.

The college has been the seat of education for many first time graduates and another sizable number of students hailing from SC/ST families. The moto of the college is as same as that of Madurai Kamaraj University, “To seek truth is knowledge” as quoted in thirukural.

We are proud to have produced quality educational products through our students who are serving the Nation and the World in various responsible positions.


1 Dr.D. VIJAYAVENUGOPAL 17.10.94.F.N. to 15.11.94.F.N.
2 Dr.G. VIRGIN SIGAMANI 16.11.94.F.N. to 2.6.97.F.N.
3 Prof.P.K. GOTHANDAPANI i/c 2.6.97.F.N. to 18.6.97.F.N.
4 Dr.K.S. SUDARARAJAN 18.6.97.A.N. to 31.5.98.A.N.
5 Prof. P.K. GOTHANDAPANI i/c 31.5.98.A.N. to 1.6.98.F.N.
6 Dr.D. PETERJAYAPANDIAN 1.6.98.A.N. to 15.6.99.A.N.
7 Dr.P.N. MUTHIAH i/c 15.6.99.A.N. to 18.11.99.A.N.
8 Dr.P. PERIAKARUPPAN 18.11.99.A.N. to 9.6.2002.A.N.
9 Dr.V. ALAGAPPAN 10.6.2002.F.N. to 16.9.2003.F.N.
10 Dr.R. MUTHULAKSHMI 17.9.2003.A.N. to 23.6.2006.A.N.
11 Dr.R. MADHANAGOPAL 23.6.2006.A.N. to 29.6.2011.A.N.
12 Dr.J. BALAN i/c 29.6.2011.A.N. to 25.2.2013.F.N.
13 Dr.J. BALAN 25.2.2013.A.N. to 19.9.2013.F.N.
14 Dr.S. IRULAPPAN 19.9.2013.A.N. to 8.4.2018.A.N.
15 Dr.B GEORGE i/c 09.4.2018.F.N. to 06.12.2022 A.N
16 Dr. M. BUVANESWARAN i/c 07.12.2022 F.N. to …
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